IPOR Interviewer Scheduling System

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Welcome to the IPOR Interviewer Scheduling System. From this website, you can view the interviewer schedule for any of our upcoming surveys (or past surveys). Supervisors are also able to input information about when interviewers will be working.

Upcoming / Current / Past Survey Schedules (show all surveys)
Below is a list of surveys that are upcoming, current, or in the past. You may access the interviewer schedule by clicking on the name of the survey you wish to know details about. If you have any questions about your own schedule, you should contact a supervisor immediately!
Survey Name Start End
September Election Survey
Calling for the September survey for the gubernatorial election.
Sun Sep 12 2021 Sun Sep 26 2021
September Training
September Training 2021 Sunday
Sun Sep 12 2021 Sun Sep 12 2021
September Training
September Training
Sat Sep 11 2021 Sat Sep 11 2021
August Consumer Sentiment Survey
August 2021 Consumer Sentiment Survey
Tue Aug 3 2021 Tue Aug 17 2021
August 2021 Training
August 2021 Consumer Sentiment Training
Mon Aug 2 2021 Mon Aug 2 2021
New Hire Training
Training for New IPOR Employees
Sat Jul 31 2021 Sat Jul 31 2021
June Siena Consumer Sentiment
Siena College NY State Consumer Sentiment
Wed Jun 16 2021 Sun Jun 27 2021
June Training
June Siena Consumer Sentiment Training
Mon Jun 21 2021 Mon Jun 21 2021
June Training
June Training
Sat Jun 19 2021 Sat Jun 19 2021
Siena 2021 Training
2021 Siena June Survey Training
Tue Jun 15 2021 Tue Jun 15 2021

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